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The Area Health Resource File (AHRF) is a national county-level health resources information darabase

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The Area Health Resources Files (AHRF)—a family of health data resource
products —draw from an extensive county-level database assembled annually from
over 50 sources. The AHRF products include county and state ASCII files, an MS Access
database, an AHRF Mapping Tool and Health Resources Comparison Tools (HRCT). These
products are made available at no cost by HRSA/BHW/NCHWA to inform health resources
planning, analysis and decision making.

Download the latest AHRF now. In addition to the county 2015-2016 AHRF, a State and National AHRF was released which provides extensive demographic and training information on over 50 health professions. Data are available in both ASCII and Access formats. Press the button below to download. The AHRF Health Resources Comparison Tools enable local health planners, administrators, and researchers to compare a county's available health resources and health status indicators to other counties based on selected criteria. Health resources of states can also be compared. Press the button below to compare areas. The AHRF Mapping Tool enables users to prepare maps that compare the availability of healthcare providers as well as environmental factors impacting health at the county and state levels. Press the button below to create maps.

Data Categories

Health Care Professions
Hospitals, Health Care Facilities
Census, Population Data and Environment



The AHRF is a collection of data from more than 50 sources, including:

• American Dental Association

• American Hospital Association

• American Medical Association

• Bureau of Labor Statistics

• CDC/National Center for Health Statistics

• Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

• Environmental Protection Agency

• U.S. Census Bureau

Download the AHRF Compare Areas Map Health Resources Health Care Professions Hospitals, Health Care Facilities Census, Population Data and Environment